Movies & Commercials


Witcher (2019), directed by Tomek Baginskl, movement artist, actress

Völgy (2019), directed by Balázs Krasznahorkai, actress

Midsommar (2018), directed by Ari Aster, choreographe assistant, voice coach

Nino's barge (2018) directed by Miklauzic Bence, actress

Ruben Brandt, Collector (2018), directed by Milorad Krstic, voice over

Snow Queen (2015), directed by Bente Lohne, Motion Capture of Gerda

Pan (2014), directed by Joe Wright, starring Hugh Jackman, movement artist

World War Z (2012), directed by Mark Forster, starring Brad Pitt, movement artist

Open Grave (2012), directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, actress (Moaner)

Therese Raquin film (2012), directed by Charlie Stratton, movement artist

Born Luzers film (2008), directed by Marton Vecsei, actress

3 Story about love film (2007) short film, directed by Karoly Ujj Meszaros, actress

The fog (2005) film, directed by Balazs Krasznahorkai, actress, University of Theatre and Film Arts


Zalando brand-commercial (2019) , directed by Sam Hibbard, choreographe assistant

Tondach commercial (2018), directed by Mark Kostyal, actress

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum commercial (2012), dancer

Provident commercial, directed by Károly Spáh (2018), actress

Carlsberg The Crate Escape (2012) directed by Peter Lydon, choreographer, movement artist

Le Sziget 2012 est le meilleur cadeau de Noel commercial, movement artist, choreographer

Lottery commercial (2010), directed by David Spah, actress

Fair Play video (2009), directed by Attila Gigor, actress

UPC Internet commercial , directed by Mark Kostyal (2012), dancer