Voice & Teacher


2018 Midsommar, voice coach, music by Jessika Kenney

2017 Ruben Brandt, Collector, Voice of Marina

2005-2011 Member of Kiss Erzsi Panchan music band (singing, music instruments)

2003 Celebration Service, Performance with Meredith Monk in Budapest, Trafó, singer

2011 Voice -movement with Katalin Ladik, EU project

Teaching/ Organizing:

2000-2010 International Dance and Theatre workshop in France, Euroculture en Pays

Gentiane, teacher of contact dance, organizer

2008-2010 Teaching contact dance in Mozdulatművészeti Stúdió, Budapest

2012 International Contact Dance Festival, teacher of contact dance

2012-2017 Monsoon Yoga and Pilates Studio, trainer

2012-2014 Pont Pilates Studio, trainer

2013 Contact Improvisation Coppenhagen-teacher

2014 Invitation: Tom Pritchard dance teacher to Budapest-workshop

2015 The Glasgow Jam Contact Improvisation-cultural training

2015 International Contact Dance Festival-organizer

2017 Invitation: Yumiko Yoshioka butoh dance workshop to Budapest

2018 Invitation: Robert Anderson dance workshop to Budapest

2018 Independent Dance, London- cultural training

2019 Invitation: Thomas Kampe Feldenkrais workshop to Budapest

2019 Contact Dance Teacher in Szeged